Layout and rendering issues with the new forum

  1. Go to the following thread and search for “persist” - it shows only the first 5 occurrences because the full body is not loaded (even though there are 19 occurrences of the word in the body) . As we scroll down, more text gets appended to the body at the bottom while the text at the top gets discarded (for NO reason) and searching again for the same word yields more and more results inconsistently. And when we scroll to the top again, the text at the bottom gets discarded and it shows only 5 results again. A web application does not need to be so over-engineered and over-complicated (with a useless timeline on the right that does not scroll in sync)- what is the application losing if all the body text is residing in the client browser and why does it need to be discarded and reloaded as we keep scrolling? This behavior is inconsistent, misleading for searches and annoying - please revert to loading full body text and normal scrolling behavior.

  1. Dates are displayed like “10 days ago”, etc. instead of actual dates. This is hard to convert if we need to know the exact date. This format is less friendly. Change the format to actual dates.

  2. Views are shown as 1K, etc. instead of actual view count. So until it reaches 2K, it will “continue” to show as 1K and no way to see how many views the post is getting daily. This lazy format serves absolutely no purpose and is less useful. Change the format to display “actual” counts.

  1. As for dates, you may display actual dates and also days format like “10 days ago” - for the best of both worlds.

  2. Also, after some time, we cannot edit the posted topic anymore. This is very unfriendly if we need to make any edits to it and serves no purpose. It was working as expected on the old phpBB forum. Please do not lock posts from editing.