Layout changes when saving as a project template


Creating a suitable orchestral template. In the engrave mode I have created a cover page and a player list page for the full score as well as a cover page for parts - all of them as page templates.

Everything looks fine, but when I save this as a project template and create a new project based on that, a part of the tokens move to the left instead of staying centered.

It is not a big thing to change them in the new project, but I would to learn once for good and properly. For what it is worth, I have all of the constraints activated for all of frames.

Right now it makes more sense to open a template project instead of choosing an own template, that way everything is fine.

Thank you in advance for any tips!

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 19.09.33|353x500

Here the added cover page in the engrave mode without saving as a project template.

Can you post a Dorico file of the project, or at least the pages going askew?

The first is the project based on which I want to save the template, the second is what happens if I create a new project based on my own template.

Dorico_Template_COPY_2023-11-09.dorico (1.0 MB)
Project_based_on_SymphTempl_2023-11-09.dorico (1023.7 KB)

I’ve flagged this with the development team in the past.

The issue is that, when dealing with project templates, any text on the page templates loses its manually overridden text properties. It’s not sufficient to use the “Default Text” style and then override it so it’s center-aligned; you need to use (or construct) a Paragraph Style that is set as center-aligned in the Paragraph Styles dialog, then use that on the page.


@pianoleo Oh…well, let’s hope this gets fixed! The whole point of making a template is to save time and nerves when the deadline hits. The tweak needed is a short one, but doesn’t really make sense to have to change anything…

@pianoleo …so but the workaround would be to choose a center-aligned font…?

As I said above:

Paragraph styles are another level of “automation” and templating, in that you can create a style for a particular purpose, use it in the corresponding places, but then if you later realise you need to increase the font size or spacing, you make that change once and all instances of the style get updated.

I strongly recommend using paragraph styles if you need consistent text appearances, or if you find yourself making the same style/size etc adjustments to two or more text items/frames.

Hi Lillie, ok thanks! I just want(ed) to have the layout name centered on the cover page of the template - what would be a centered AND boxed paragraph style? Or is there a workaround?

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You don’t need to find a paragraph style that’s already centered and boxed; you just need to go to Paragraoh Styles, click the plus button in the bottom left corner to set up a new paragraph style, and style it however you like. That is what I meant when I used the word “construct” further up the thread.

Styling text on the page is arguably the “workaround”; it’s quick but it ignores the whole point of Paragraph Styles, which is to give you consistency and easy updating of all objects that use a specific paragraph style in one fell swoop.

Oh, now I get it! My brain was foggy yesterday…:slight_smile: Thank you!

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