Layout Groups

Let’s assume I want to compose, and I’ve organized my Layouts into groups, like this for example:

Woodwinds (all Woodwinds)
Flutes(all Flutes)
Flute 1
Flute 2
Flutes a3
etc., etc.

Brass (all Brass)
Horns (all Horns)
Horns Treble
Horns Bass
etc., etc.

This works great when I want to focus on various subsets of my players. But what if I want to focus on a combination of players from different groups? I have to tediously add each individual player from each group to a special Custom layout I call Composition. It would be REALLY helpful if, when selecting for inclusion players from the dropdown, I could select my Layout groups as well.


For purposes of composition I want to work on Flutes, French Horns, and Violas in combination. Currently this requires me to select for inclusion each instrument individually. I would like to be able to select my Flutes group layout with all it’s players, my French Horns group layout with all it’s players, and my Violas as an individual player, combining them into my Composition Layout. This way I can quickly and easily create ad hoc layouts to focus on specific portions and combinations in my composition.

I guess boiled down I would like Layout player selection to include not only individual players, but also my other Layouts.

Comments welcome.

Just my two cents: I see that, but I don’t feel like nested layouts is a compelling enough improvement on existing functionality. It’s quite simple to set up a custom layout.

One thing I do is to intentionally set the order of my layouts in Setup mode so I can easily toggle between them using Shift-alt-brackets. Full score is first, sections are next, individual parts are last (in score order):

  1. Full score
  2. Strings
  3. Winds
  4. Brass
    5, etc. Parts.

That allows me to quickly switch between full score and sections.

DaddyO, you can add and remove players from your “composition” layout very quickly using the checkboxes in the Players panel – I hope this is the way you’re doing it rather than laboriously through the right-click menu for the Layouts panel.

You know, Daniel, I had forgotten about that obviously easier way to do it. Thanks for refreshing my memory, which has taken a real beating lately due to health issues.

Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with some health issues, and I hope you’re on the road to recovery now!