Layout names not showing in Custom layout

Not sure if I did something wrong, or if there is a specific setting for this. In the custom Layouts I made, there is no layout name showing in the scores. Is this something I have to add myself? There is no Layout name token in the First Master page either when I check this while having a Custom Layout open. Aren’t the custom scores using the same master page as the full score?

The clue is in the name. It’s a Custom Score. By default it uses the Default Full Score master page, which doesn’t contain the {@layoutName@} token.

I got the layout names now in the custom score after I switch from A4 to A3 format. Why is this? No other difference in setting is made, only page format. Switching back to A4 format makes the Layout name disappear again.

Please take a screenshot of the master page (telling us whether it’s A3 or A4), or upload a project that demonstrates the issue.

Right, here’s my best guess.

You have a score layout that is A3. At some point you have manually edited the master page so that it contains the {@layoutName@} token.
You have created a custom score layout that is A4. It uses the default First master page, which doesn’t contain the {@layoutName@} token.
When you change the paper size of the custom score layout to A3, it automatically starts using the A3 version of the First Master Page, which you previously edited in the other (A3) score layout.

Here is the same Custom Score in 2 different page formats. The one in A3 shows a Layout Name, the one in A 4 does not.

Andre, read my post from one minute before your most recent post!

Nope, I didn’t edit the master pages at all in this project. I didi import flows though that I got from my client which I added one by one to a full score, so maybe he made master page changes. That’s a possibility.

I did, Leo. We posted at the same time :wink:

If you imported flows that would have absolutely no effect on master pages in the current project. Do you have another score layout in the project that is a) A3 and b) includes a layout name token on the First master page?

All the A3 custom scores have layout tokens in the First Master page. Only not when I choose A4 as page format. I will use the A3 for those custom scores with 6.5 staves size, it looks good and has a layout name now. I noticed that sometimes there are no pages showing in the Engrave Mode for a score. Switching to Write mode and back again makes them show up. Not sure if this has anything t do with it though.

For now everything seems to be OK.

I’ve just done some experimenting. In a new project, the A4 default First master page does not contain a Layout Name token. If I change the paper size to A3 it still does not contain a Layout Name token.

The screenshots you displayed earlier very definitely do not show the factory default First master page, so this statement cannot be true:

Even if you didn’t fiddle with the master pages in “this” project, did you reuse a previous project as a template to produce this project? If so, maybe you’d added a {@layoutName@} token to the A3 First master page in that project.