Layout options greyed out


After editing some frames in engrave mode, all options (engraving options, layout options, the whole setup menu, everything under window) is greyed out.
What has happened? How do I access the options?

Still using dorico 3.0. Restarting Dorico didn’t help.

Thank you for any help.


I had the same experience a couple of times, working on Mac. Every time it happens it was while having two engraving windows open. The engraving options became available again after closing the second engraving window.

Yes, this happens when switching between projects as well. When a text frame is being edited, or when a text popover is being edited, you can’t access the other project.

I’m not reporting this as a problem, just pointing out that it’s pretty consistent behavior.

it’s happened to me too

Really? I’m working with multiple engraving windows all the time and never noticed this before 3.5.