Layout options per flow

Is it possible to use different layout options for different flows, for instance a smaller space size for flows with more players or full staff labels for the first flow only? I could only find that notation options are on a per flow basis.

I «Setup» mode…

I think you have to create «Custom Layout» and assign both «flows» and «Players» you want into that layout and redefined «Layout Options» for each of those »Custom Layout»

Hope i’m right !

You can create a Custom Layout and choose players and flows for it. This layout has its own layout optins.
The thing is that there is only one “layout options” for each layout (so also for a Custom Layout) and thus for all the chosen flows in that layout together.
I can’t find a way to use different layout options for different flows in one layout. The same goes for a Custom Layout.
What do you mean by “each of those Custom Layouts”?

You can change the staff size at any point in a layout by creating a system break (in Engrave mode, select the position at which you want the new system to start, even if the system already starts there, e.g. the first note of a flow, and type Shift+S), then select the system break signpost that appears, and in the Properties panel set the staff size to the desired new value.

You can’t, however, change the options for staff labels midway through a layout at the moment, but I expect we will introduce a way of doing this in future by way of an event you create, a bit like a system break, that changes the visibility of staff labels from that point onwards.

OK, thanks Daniel.
Now I remembered reading this before. The staff size was important, but sometimes (when hiding staves on page one) is would be great to have full staff names when a new player starts.

Yes, I agree, there is definitely a need for the ability to change where and how staff labels appear from system to system, so I hope we’ll be able to address this relatively soon, though the list of things we want to implement soon is much, much longer than our available developers can handle!

I’m in the luxurious position of having no deadline anymore while Dorico just meets my purpose of notating projects in their entirety (by means of flows!) already very well. Import into flow would save me a lot of time though. With some more improvements I might be able to publish!