Layout question for large piano project

I’ve done my homework with the videos and am learning Dorico pretty well, but I can’t figure out how to achieve the exact layout I want. It’s a large solo piano project of preludes/fugues which will result in over 100 pages of score, in two volumes. I want to begin each fugue score with the fugue subjects, usually 4-6 measures long, each in its own system, but at a smaller size, maybe 75%. I can’t use ossia because the meter and clef may not match if the subject is one that occurs later in the music. I can begin each fugue flow with the added measures and lock them into their own systems at the start of the flow, or I can create the fugue subjects in their own flow, but I can’t figure out how to reduce the size of just those systems.

Thanks. Lynette

Add a system break at the start of the system. With the signpost selected, in the properties panel you can set the space size as needed.

Got it–vielen dank. So much to learn! I do wish for a manual for 3.5. Because I will have a total of 48 flows in the project, I’m creating each flow in a template and then importing them individually into the project. I’ll create the title page, table of contents and preface pages later. Does that seem like a good plan?

No, I would do them all in one file. That’s the whole point of flows!

All the features you need for this were already in version 3.0 so they will be in the 3.0 manual.

The release notes PDF for 3.5 is about 60 pages of documentation on the new features. I think the only “big new feature” that is relevant for a solo piano score is the “pitch before duration” note input option.

When I search online I only get the documentation for 2.2. Can you include the link please? Re: making the flows ahead of time, Dan, it comes from decades of working with Finale and dozens of corrupted files. I’ll trust you and carry on with flows. I ended the day today with “I love Dorico.”

You can find the 3.0 manuals here:



If google finds a page of version 2 documentation, usually changing “v2” to “v3” in the URL will get you to the same place in the version 3 documents.

Or, download the PDF of the version 3 documentation and search the it with your PDF viewer, or look in the index.

I did save the .pdf.