Layout renders nothing but Big Blue Square

The piece in question is under copyright, but I can tell you about it, at least: men’s chorus, lead, piano, electric guitar, and bass.

Full Score and Lead/Piano/EGuitar render just fine: all the appropriate players show up. My desired layout for bass is bass & lead - I want the bassist to be able to see the melody. Chord symbols are set for the topmost staff in all layouts since we do not yet have the ability to specify which players have chord symbols in which layouts.

My desired bass layout gives me nothing but the big blue square. I have the appropriate players selected/checked as I do with my Full Score and Lead etc.

I also want a layout for just Lead and the choir (TTBB), but that, too, gives me nothing but a blue square.

I’ve emailed Daniel the file in question, but it’s a weekend, and I do not expect him to be tending to my problem or anyone else’s over weekend-family-time. lol Hence, my posting here.

Getting Dorico to give me those proper layouts is the only thing I need to do to get this project done, though my client can work with what I have so far, and client needs everything by Monday. I’m sure there is something on my end I am not doing correctly. Whenever I have difficulties with software, I’m always glad when it’s an error on my part. Thanks, all!

I suspect you’ve assigned players to the layouts correctly, but haven’t actually assigned any flows to the layouts. Unless you do so, Dorico has nothing to display and just gives you blue background.