Layout Selection Drop-down Can't Scroll Down Far Enough

Can’t figure out how to solve this problem:

When I use the Layout selection drop-down it will not scroll down far enough to make all my layouts accessible. When I scroll the list down I have several at the end of the list that show only for a brief moment before falling back out of sight.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I wish I could get a screen capture of the problem but I can’t, the dropdown disappears when I try Snagit and the resolution is too low if I use Windows Print Screen.

This has been reported before. I’m not sure there’s a solution at the moment, other than to use the key commands to cycle through layouts or the selection options when opening a new tab to access the rest of your layouts. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks Lillie for the prompt reply.

It’s not obvious from looking at the menu, but you should find you can click and drag it (imagine it’s a list on your phone screen you’re scrolling with your finger), and bring further layouts into view that way.

Great, I’ll try that, Daniel.

When I was using the scroll bar it would indeed initially reveal the last layouts in the list, but it would scroll back up before I could select any of them. If your suggestion overcomes that it will solve the problem.

edited to add:

Daniel, scrolling directly on the list with the mouse ends up with the same problem. You can indeed see the bottom of the list, but the moment you let go of the left mouse button to actually select one of them it scrolls back up some, making it impossible to select what it had momentarily exposed to view.

Lillie, I found that both the tab method and the key command do indeed serve as workarounds.

Hopefully at some point the main dropdown will behave like the one from tab-opening.