Layout used for Transcribing a song: Players with hide rests, would like equal bar width

Using Dorico Pro (Version, I created a layout of with Players that I would like to use to write parts as I transcribe a song. All Players have the rests hidden, so all I see are the notes and phrases that I input already.

Is there a way with this layout in Engraving mode to make all empty bars in a layout the same width?

I would like to print the layout and sit at a piano and write what I hear. Then input the notes into Dorico.

The problem I am trying to solve is give all empty bars an equal width to write my phrases. What I get now are small bars that I cannot do anything with (maybe only whole notes).

The only way I can see doing it is use note spacing in Engrave mode and use Cmd+Opt and the left and right arrows.

Thanks, BC

You’re basically trying to create evenly spaced manuscript paper for any unfilled bars in your orchestration so you can transcribe with pencil? If so, in Layout Options / Note Spacing set the Custom spacing ratio to 2 to space the existing music. (Some may end up spaced poorly for now, but that’s just to make things even in the pencil score. You’ll change this back later after everything is input.) If you removed the whole rests with Remove Rests, don’t do that, and remove them by going to Layout Options / Players / Bar Rests and unchecking “Show rests in empty bars.” Fix the casting off at a set number per system in Layout Options / Staves and Systems / Casting off.

After that the bars should be blank with even spacing for you to write in.


Thank you very much Fred, worked a treat.

I did get the unchecking “Show rest in empty bars” right. It was the Custom spacing ratio and casting off that was the fix I was looking for.

Cheers, Bob

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