Layout view options confusing...

I have setup a score for piano and clarinet. In the panel at the right, the clarinet, piano and full score option are checked.

When I select a flow and choose full score from the drop dow menu at the top of the screen, the score shows the piano part.

When I choose Clarinet from the drop down menu, I see the piano and clarinet in the score.

When I choose Piano from the drop down menu, I see the piano and clarinet in the score.

Shouldn’t I only see the instruments that I choose from the drop down menu and with Full Score all the instruments?

Not necessarily. This may change later.

I don’t understand what you mean with this.

Andre, your assumtions are correct… but double check by clicking each layout on the right in turn and make sure only the corresponing player(s) are selected on the left.

Andre, it sounds as if you’ve somehow messed up which players are assigned to your layouts. As Frank suggests, selecting each layout in the Layouts list on the right-hand side of Setup mode will show which players are assigned to each layout, by way of a tick in the checkbox for each assigned player in the Players list on the left. I suspect you’ll find that you have somehow managed to assign all of your players to the part layouts, which is probably caused by having saved a set of layout options prior to version 1.0.10.

You should go to ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico (Mac) or %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico (Windows) and delete any files you find there whose names start layoutOptions. This will prevent this problem from occurring again in future projects.

Thanks Daniel, I deleted those files. Now when I go into setup mode and include the correct instruments on the left panel with their layouts on their right panel, things seems to be Ok at first, but after that the top menu ends up being empty. Only Main Score can be selected, not anymore Clarinet and Piano.

CORRECTED: I figured it out. It seems that it makes a difference if I first select something in the right panel which gives me check boxes in the left panel, or if I select first something in the left panel which gives me check boxes in the right panel. Everything is OK now. I am still a little confused about this setup section though, it will take a while for me to see the logic.

and another correction…
It’s still a mess, I even have moments that all the music is gone and I only see empty staves. I cannot find any logic on how this works. Every selection I made seems to appear and disappear at its own choice randomly. I am sure it’s because I don’t understand the logic behind it still, but it’s very frustrating.

Finally I have seen the light!
Now I understand how it works, it’s actually very simple (as most things in life…).
First I select a layout in the right panel, then I configure what I want to see in this layout (the instruments in the left panel and the flows in the bottom panel.

I also understand now how to configure these separate layouts in the Layout Options. So many options and controls over everything, I have a good feeling about Dorico…

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