layout visual glitch/bug in cubase 8.5.3

Im experiencing a very annoying bug, I think, I hope someone can tell me how to fix it.

Here are all the manifestations:

  • -When I grab a clip and try to simply move it, it appears bigger and on the bottom left part of the screen…it moves with my mouse movement, but some other place not where I’m pointing, and that makes it impossible to see where I’m placing certain very important audio events
    -When I stretch or slide sides of clips, the little rectangle that shows you the time code or other data, also appears bigger and somewhere else…as if a resizing option was on…
    -Also I have seen voice over clips that I’m using, completely misinterpreted visually…they look as a repetitive sound, and when I zoom in there is a point in which it starts looking good, but if the zoom is not very wide That clip just looks as something completely different.

I will post this now, maybe its something known that I havent found … and continue trying, then I will post some screenshots so you can see.
Thanks very much

Noone ever had this problem?
I was thinking it could be a scaling issue, but I cannot understand the repetitive patern waveforms on some clips. Thats clearly a bug I think.
I hope someone could help me out

here is what I think is happening
Im using this computer with an external monitor
the laptop has a wonderfull 13 inch oled 4k display…so the graphics card was scaling the views on the laptop’s monitor… you would imagine that everything looks tiny in a 13 " screen at 4k…
so I discover that issues 1 and 2…well they are…“solved” but it would be nice if cubase would respect the scale of the monitor it is beeing used…
I mean that the popups info little windows or the Set up Window Layout or more dramatically important clips ENTIRELLY when they ar movedwould not appear gigantic and way to the left of the actual place they are supposed to be… they seem to deppend on some general scale, and if you use two different screen resolutions…they dont work right
it is pretty terrible to not be able to see the clip while you are trying to place it somewhere…

And then, there is the issue with the strange repeating patern waveforms…when they really are …well look at these captures:
Capture cubase glitch.PNG
and then when you zoom in you see that it was showing you… was terrible
Capture cubase glitch 02.PNG
This is really strange for me
I hope there is some solution
Thanks for reading
and sorry for my silly tone

No one can help?? how can this repeating pattern glitch be acceptable. I hope it does not happen with Cubase 9. I bought the update, downloaded it and will update after finishing this project or maybe in another computer so I can finish this project before changing too much (I think that’s better to avoid problems between versions for now)
Maybe you cannot help me… but isn’t it interesting to investigate why such thing can happen?
anyway thanks!

Hey this is bad. Really there are more and more wrong waveform representations, I mean plain repeating patterns until super close zoom reached
but the worse is the lack of support or participation by steinberg…

I have excatly the same issue, did you fix it already?