Hello, I’m on Dorico 4. I wrote a piece for 2 pianos with 4 hands. I have a layout problem between secondo2 and primo2 in conductor2. I sometimes can’t get the same number of bars in both parts while working in Engraving mode. Can I send you my file? Thanks in advance. Philippe Duchemin

Hi @duchemin , you should be able to use system breaks and frame breaks to put the same bars in the same systems for both parts.

Thank you for your answer but I wrote my piece having studied this youtube link. I can’t make my layout the way I want.

I’m not sure how this wouldn’t be working for you? With System and Frame Breaks, you can put as many or as few bars/systems wherever you choose?

Can you attach your project and describe what you want?

Thank you very much, my “Take Bach” file is attached.
By selecting Conductor2, from bar 54 I would like the layout of Primo2 to be the same as Secondo2.
take bach 2 pianos à 4 mains 2 conducteurs 1&2.dorico (1.5 MB)

You’ve inserted system breaks already on those systems, just at the start of the wrong bars. Select and delete those pink system break signposts and reinput them at the correct positions.

Ah, and I see why you’ve got overrides on every page in the Conductor2 layout: your Default Full Score page template set (which is currently used by both Conductor1 and Conductor2 layouts) is set to show only the Primo1/Secondo1 players, and therefore you’ve drawn in layout music frames on every page in the Conductor2 layout.

An alternative method: duplicate the Default Full Score page template set, and use that separate set for the Conductor2 layout. Set the duplicated page template set to use the Primo2/Secondo2 players.

That allows you to use the page template system (meaning the automatic creation and layout of pages) in both layouts, but also have different players shown.

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Here’s a version of your project back with a separate page template set for the Conductor2 layout, the header on the Default page template tidied up (so the vertical alignment is the same on both sides, and the fixed height of the text frame is the same).

System breaks are frame chain-specific though, so because the flows are now drawn in a page template frame chain rather than a layout frame chain, you’ll need to re-insert system breaks in the Conductor2 layout as required.

take bach 2 pianos à 4 mains 2 conducteurs 1&2_LH.dorico (1.1 MB)

Thank you very much, Lillie. You are great !
I was able to reorganize my pages thanks to you.
I was on Finale and switching to Dorico is not always easy for me

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The important thing to remember is: “don’t expect Dorico to be like Finale”.

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