Layouting double pages in parts


I can’t find anything about this in the standard layouting tutorials, eventhough it is an “everyday problem”.

I understand how frames / frame brakes, system brakes etc. work.

Now the problem I have:
When layouting orchestral parts, typically they are layouted not one page after another, but in double pages, since the critical points always are the page turning points. In between them there naturally are 2 single pages.

When I enter a frame brake at a given page turning point, dorico only reformats the single page, not the double page. To get an even layout on both pages I need to manually add another frame brake on the page before.

Is there some way to get dorico to format 2 pages together as a double page?

How do you handle this?

Thanks for your help!

No, you need to format each frame manually. As you probably already know, frame and system breaks should be a “last resort,” not necessarily required everywhere. Spend some time adjusting values in Layout Options–Vertical Spacing–Ideal Gaps, and Layout Options–Note Spacing (the latter is my favorite place to start).

Formatting parts for good page turning is a completely manual job and requires constant use of system and frame breaks…