Lazy On The Brain

Yamaha Stage Custom Drum kit - Mix of Shure/Audix mics
Gibson SG through a Fender Bassman Head 2x15 Cabinet - U87 Clone
Fender Jazz Bass through Fender Bassman Head 2x15 Cabinet - AudixD6/Shure SM57
Acoustic Guitar through Audix ADX51
Vocals through an AT4050


for what it’s worth, this isn’t the kind of music I’m familiar with and I don’t tend to listen to. I thought the mixing and general production was absolutely first class. Drums in particular, but everything really.


Thanks Steve. It’s both challenging and fun to mic actual instruments, especially drums, and have it sound halfway decent. Thanks for the compliments. The song isn’t finished as these are just the basic tracks.

Yeah…a good catchy song, the mix sounds fab…very clean…nice one :slight_smile:


so sunny! well done :wink: