LCR monitoring for stereo downmix: How would you set it up?

Hello folks,

I have a 3 monitor setup in my mixing room. LCR. I´ve been using the C monitor just to do mono summing for checking my mixes, and then using the LR monitors to do most of the mixing work.

But, I want to try something: using the 3 LCR monitors to mix in stereo. I want to try this because my C monitor offers more detail on the low end. So, to achieve LCR monitoring of a stereo Mix would require to do some kind of LR to LCR conversion at the monitoring output.

I haven´t had the time to sit down and try, but I think I would have to insert a plugin on the monitoring output of the control room. Mix Convert maybe?

How would you approach this set up?

Sounds like a bad idea to me as no-one else is going to be listening to your music on a LCR setup. I’d do as you’re doing now and flick between Stereo and Mono - appreciating the fact you’ve got a detailed monitor when listening to your mono mix.


Im not meaning to export in LCR, just use the C monitor as part of the LR monitoring scheme, just to have a lower and clearer frequency response in the center.

Maybe I´m crazy, but what I mean to do is to mix in stereo, while using a C speaker to listen more clearly to the center image and lower frequencies.

Is that a bonkers idea?

Yeah I get what you mean but like I said - think you’d be better just using your centre monitor as a mono speaker.

Just for the sake of experimentation you could try dividing the audio out using a mid-side plugin, sending only the side info to your stereo speakers and only the centre info to the mono.