LE 4 & Casio PX330 midi problem

Does anyone know how to get a Casio PX330 to sound using its non-GM sounds when running midi into to it?

I am trying to use a midi track in Cubase, send it to my PX300, then return an audio signal to my USB interface and record simultaneously. I’ve successfully used that set up with my Yamaha QY300, but failed dismally with the PX300.

Basically, when I play the midi track, the PX300 only plays back its GM sounds, not its much better ‘non-GM’ sounds. I’ve tried changing the banks & the patches in Cubase, but it still just plays GM.

I’m assuming it’s an issue with the Casio, but does anyone know a way I can make it work?

Ok, just figured out something odd.

The PX330 has a USB connection, essentially acting as midi interface. If I set the midi output in Cubase to play through the USB connection, not the midi connection (from my Lexcon Lambda) - it plays the non-GM tones as I expected.

So, another question - is there possibly some configuration is Cubase that is sending the data differently through the USB connection rather than the midi? Or most likely it’s just some weird Casio quirk . . . . . . !

I seem to have a similar issue with a Yamaha keyboard, I cannot access the richer, fuller voices of the keyboard, but only the GM standard samples. Thoughts?

Read the Keyboard’s manual…?!

I’ve just had a discovery with my keyboard & cubase.

Send a midi source from cubase to the keyboard & it’ll play GM sounds by default. I thought I’d solved it by using the USB cable, but then couldn’t replicate it. The Px3300 has virtually no on-board GM settings, so I knew the difference was in Cubase.

Seems all I needed to do was to select the ‘monitor’ button on the midi channel, and then when I chose a standard (non-GM) tone on the keyboard it switched to it without drama!

Greatly relieved. Now I don’t have to fork out $$ to buy a good piano VST!