LE 5 and ezdrummer. no drums. problem solved !!!

i don’t know how to use ezdrummer with le5. there is no vst instrument in DEVICES. what am i missing ?

A good read of the manuals!!!

Try using an instrument track.

You need to find the EZdrummer dLL on your computer. Then go to Devices>Plugin Information>VST2.xPath in Cubase and Add the correct folder. Now click update.

EZDrummer should appear whether you choose to setup an Instrument Track or use the instrument rack.

LE 5 does not have an instrument rack.

Apologies, Grand Master. :slight_smile:

thank you BANE,and THINKCAP. your info was spot on.to load ezd,i have to go to add track.you help is truly appreciated. cheers :smiley:

Im having the exact same problem. except i copied Ez drummer into the file folder where halion is on my computer. updated the device plugin information path. restarted cubase and its still not showing. What else could i be missing?? When i add an instrument track the only options there are is (no vst plug in) or (Halion).