LE 5 assistance - Drum compression

I’ve been using Cubase LE 5 for awhile now, with a Lexicon Alpha interface. I am VERY new to recording and need some help. I’ve been able to record everything no problem. However, mixing and compression for drums is difficult for me. I do not know where to compress or how to compress, much less what compression is. I do know that it is needed for drums to bring out the bass kick and a poppy snare. How does one “compress?”

I hope I don’t sound so ignorant.

Thanks in advance

6 drum tracks/mics:
Bass Kick
Left Overhead
Right overhead
Snare & left tom (together)
Right Tom
Floor Tom


Snare and 1st tom together!!! thats going to be a problem I guess.

Compression is one of those things you’re going to have to experiment with so you get a feel for it.