LE 7 vs Pro 10

Hi, about Wavelab, I’ve got LE 7 and might want to buy Pro 10, having a few questions.

  1. Is non-dark mode still existing in Pro 10? Does it at least look 90% like LE 7 colors? I don’t like dark mode at all.

  2. The LE7 I’m trying out is a single-track editor, isn’t it?
    LE = 1 track?
    Artist/Elements = 3 tracks?
    Pro = enough tracks

  3. Can the time ruler in Pro 10 still be set to bars and beats just like in LE7? Or did Pro 10 revamp the system to something different?

If anyone would know anything, I’d be grateful…

Thanks for reading

There is nothing in LE you can’t to in Pro (edited sentence).
Concerning, the look, Pro 10 has 3 theme to choose from: Light, Dark, Black.

I think that statement is true in reverse: There’s nothing in LE that you can’t do in Pro.
You can ofcourse download the trial version for Pro and try for 30 days.