Le 8. Drops track recording audio. Folder location for Groove One

The software drops the audio capability so I can’t record a new track after other tracks have been recorded. When this happens, I have to copy all tracks and paste them into a new project and rename the project. Is there a fix for this issue?

Groove One initiates however, Groove One doesn’t appear in the VSTs field for selection. What folder should Groove One be located? Can anyone give me the folder path where Groove One should be located?



Try to increase your Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please.

Can you give me the folder location for Groove One? Groove One initializes however, it doesn’t appear in the VST instrument field.
Thanks Martin


Please, follow these instructions.

Hi Martin,
Will these instructions apply to a windows System?


Yes, there are instructions for both Mac and Windows.

Thanks Martin!
I appreciate your help!
Tom Malcolm.

Can I use Groove Agent Se in my Cubase Le 8 windows 32 Bit software? If I can, is it possible to get that software instead of Groove Agent One?

Also, I noticed that elicenser is going to be replaced by new software. Are there instructions available for how to transfer my Le 4 & Le 8 licenses to the elicenser USB?


Yes. It’s part of the Full Installer.

Cubase 8 will not be compatible with the new licensing system. You would neet to get Cubase 12 or Cubase 13.

But, you are allowed to update to Cubase 13 for free. Get in contact with your local Steinberg support, please.

Make sure, your operating system (and computer) is compatible with Cubase 13, please.

I loaded Groove Agent VTS3 & Bin to the following folder: C:\Program Files \Steinberg\Cubase 8\VST3. The (x86) designation wasn’t in the Steinberg folder. So I placed the Groove Agent VTS3 & Bin in the C:\Program Files \Steinberg\Cubase 8\VST3. Groove Agent still doesn’t appear in the VST Interments pulldown.
Thanks Martin.


You don’t have to move it. Just install it with the Full Installer, please.

I can’t find the Steinberg Installer to install Groove Agent One?


You can find the link in the instructions, I posted above.

Cubase 8 Full Installer includes Groove Agent SE.

I’m sorry, the link “these” downloads a “zip” file for Groove One? It doesn’t contain a “set up” file to install Groove One.

I don’t understand; if Groove Se was in the full installer " full installation of Cubase 8" I should have it in my current software. However, it doesn’t appear in the pull down either. I must be doing something wrong when I load a instrument. track. How do you open Groove Agent in the instrument track?