LE push back forward doesn't move controller data

  1. open up editor on a midi part that has some cc data (modwheel for example)
  2. make sure “auto select controller” is selected
  3. Move note with mouse . Controller data is selected and moves also
  4. select note again and then select Process Logical edit / standard set 1 / push forward +4 (or back +4). Note moves but controller data does not

That’s how it’s supposed to work. The LE is doing what the preset says, which is to modify the position of notes- nothing else is in the Filter Target.

If you want it to modify controllers too, Set the boolean operator to OR, and then add a line in the Filter Target pane:
Type is | equal | Controller.

If you want to only move certain controllers, and leave others alone, add another line and use the parentheses to nest them together, the bool of the new line should be AND. See pics for more info.
Value 1 | equal | 2 (only CC2 will be affected)

You can even move a variety of different controllers and also PB, or aftertouch etc., see the pics below.

Thanks for an extremely helpful reply. You have no idea how useful it is to be able to do this now!

I had contacted support about this a few years back - they answered initially but then never got back to me.

I’m glad! The LE and PLE are potentially more complex than what one might expect tech support to be able to explain once you start using booleans and nested structures.

I’m happy to answer questions about it in the forums if I see the post, (and can figure it out :confused: ) Feel free to PM me a link to a post if I miss one.

Thanks. Really appreciate that.