LE4 MIDI export dropping 16ths???

Hi, I’m trying to create drum patterns for EZDrummer using Cubase LE4. Anything I do in say 4/4 exports fine, but whatever patterns I do that are denominated in 16ths, when I go to play them back in Toontrack Solo, they drop a 16th note. So for instance 12/16 plays back as 11/16, 24/16 as 23/16 and so forth. I’m using the left/right locators to export just one measure from Cubase. Is there some magic button that fixes this?

It’s not actually clear to me whether the problem is with Cubase or with Toontrack Solo, but I figure maybe someone else has run into this problem…

MIDI files, right? What if you try playing one with Media Player? I know it will play back using a piano sound, but it will tell you if all the notes are there and help narrow it down. What if you re-import to Cubase?

The looping in media player is too slow for me to tell - there’s a huge gap one way or the other. Reimporting into Cubase seems to work fine. Makes me think there’s something one of the programs doesn’t like about the other’s interpretation of what constitutes a MIDI file.

Can you tell exactly which hit it’s dropping, first, last or somewhere in the middle? Can you attach an example?

Definitely the last one. I’ll see if I can record a sample…