LE4 moving files to a new project

I seem to have a few corrupt projects that are erring out on me, so it has been suggested that I create new projects and import the files.
Since these are lenghty multisession projects with lots of overdubs done at different places in the songs I need the best speed efficient way to move these to new project sessions.

So far I haven’t been able (or don’t know how?) to import files like from another project to the same time they were in the initial project (say lead sax part starting at 0.32 and ending 0:55 in the song). In Pro Tools it seemed to be an easy way to do this but I haven’t been able to figure it out in Cubase.

How do I do that without having to give all files a common start time?

No way if you can’t get into the project to Export. You have to do it manually.

Probably just a memory issue with the corrupt .cpr’s. What platform, RAM specs, etc…?

Maybe I’ve described it wrong, I can open the projects but if I continue tracking I get errors, so I’ll have to create new and port the files.

Does LE4 have the copy project to new location (or something like that) in the edit file menu?

I see “Save As” and “Save Project To New Folder”.

Thats the one…

Try that.