LE4 to LE5 up-grade?

I recently purchased Tascam 1800 with LE5. I have been using LE4 for a few years without any problems. Should I up-grade? Will an installation of LE5 overwrite my LE4? or is it necessary to delete LE4? Also will my projects in LE4 be available in LE5? Is there a significant difference worth the hassle? Whew!! I know, lots of questions here, but I am more of a musician than a computer guru so any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

No, LE 5 will not overwrite your LE 4 installation.

Thanks Thinkingcap, now, what are the advantages (if any) in LE5 over LE4 or should I wait for the Elements 7 release?
Thanks Cap,

Since you have it already - simply install LE 5 or compare the manual on the features you use. I don´t use LE 4 so I can´t tell you…