LE4+: Tying multiple MIDI channels to single VST Instrument

I just recently moved up from the original Cubase LE to LE4 and LE6. There’s something I used to be able to do with VST instruments in the original LE, but haven’t been able to replicate in either of my later versions.

I am trying to tie multiple MIDI channels to the same VST Instrument, since some of my VSTs support multiple simultaneous MIDI channels. I used to be able to take advantage of this by using a VST Instrument as my “MIDI Out” and then setting each MIDI channel to correspond to the relevant channels in the VST Instrument. However, in LE4/LE6, I can’t seem to set a MIDI channel’s Out as the VST and I can’t seem to set a VST Instrument track’s MIDI In.

I know that I can technically get around this by having multiple instances of the same VST in different Instrument Tracks, but this would be a problem for VSTs that are CPU intensive.

If anyone knows a solution to this, let me know. It doesn’t seem nearly as straight-forward in the old version.

No more instrument rack in LE versions so no more multi-out VSTi’s.