LE4 with Windows 7 64 bits

Hello I bought a RP355 pedal, I have installed the Cubase LE4 on a DELL lap with Windows Vista and I had no problems, everything was fine. Then I decided to buy a new lap with more power than my old DELL. I bought a HP 4 GB i3 processor, windows 7 64 bits. I installed in my new lap and everything was OK actually I started to work with a MIDI files. But when I decided to record my guitar with the RP355 as an interface (I have used in this way before) there are no signal on the Cubase. I have checked the audio settings of my lap, and everything is ok, I have signal on my audio card. Actually if I connect the headphones in the RP355 (connected to laptop with USB cable) I can hear my computer sounds like youtube videos, windows sounds etc.

I have changed the ASIO to ASIO RP355 at Devices -> Device Setup -> VST Audio System

Also busses show the RP355 name at Devices -> VST Connections -> Outputs and Inputs as well.

I have Cubase LE 4 drivers updated and installed also the RP355 drives as well. Please help with this issue, I can’t find how to figure this out.

Read the getting started manual. Set up the correct bus connections in VST connestions and select the correct input bus for the track you want to record to - as said all explained in the getting started.

Hello thinkingcap I have followed the set up instructions from Steinberg manual, but I still have the same problem. I don’t have signal into the Cubase program. But, I have signal in my audio card (very poor). I have checked the volume on my RP355 and everything is OK, please help me dude with this issue I’m desperate.