Gday. Long time user of cubase le5 on same computer. About 4 weeks ago I get this message…-’ Soft eLicenser doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem’.–I have run LCC and updated to latest licence. I have also entered a new activation code…still getting the same message! Help me ob1!


Right click to the eLCC application and run it as administrator. Run Maintenance. Close eLCC. Start Cubase. The message shouldn’t appear.

This is caused by some Windows updates.

Thank you for responding. Unfortunately the same message is appearing. Is there another way??

Interesting. This helped in all cases with this message so fast as far as I remember. Try this:

  • Make sure your license is registered in your MySteinberg account (or do so from the eLCC).
  • Uninstall eLCC.
  • Install it back and make sure the installer runs as an administrator (right click to the installer and select As Administrator).
  • Start eLCC as an administrator.
  • Maintenance.

Hi . Thanks for your support. I have followed your suggestions. Still getting the same message. I received original software when I purchased a Zoom H4N many years ago. I have retained the original activation code for the software. Would it be prudent to uninstall Cubase and re install? Will I lose all of the recorded multi track music? Thanks again.


Of course, you can uninstall and reinstall Cubase. You will not loose any data (projects or even your personal Cubase settings). Make sure, you install it in the “Administrator” mode again, please.

Disc/software may be damaged, Computer not reading disc…?