LE5 on Windows 10


Has anyone trialled Cubase LE5 on WIndows 10?

Steinberg does not officially support Le5 any more and the announcement from the compatibility tests


does not contain the LE5 so I guess its up to us - the users.

With the tests showing the latest versions of the Cubase not compatible and Windows 10 inevitable, it creates a bit of a tricky situation. I wont purchase a newer version of Cubase until the problems are sorted, i wont upgrade Windows until I know my DAW will work (yet W8 has issues) and I dont know if LE5 works.

I also find it a little disappointing that support has been officially removed from a product that i only purchased (with a DAW) 2.5 years ago. Although there has been several newer versions the release of LE5 is only 5 or 6 years old. My guitar is 50 years old and Yamaha still offer some support with that.


This from Microsofty states the Cubase LE Version 5.1 worked for 3 out of 4 people. i think i will try it as there is a month to go back to Windows 8 if I’m unhappy with it. Im actually not that happy with 8 but it works with my old Cubase. When i do i will post here my result.

it worked but I bought Elements 8 and it is better than LE5