LE6 Interface with Zoom R8

My first recording is not going so well, mainly because of my lack of experience. I seem to figure out through reading the pdf but when I try to record an audio track I can’t hear the metronome through the headphones(plugged in the zoom) .I couldn’t find anything in the pdf or my R8 manual. Appreciate any advice.

Thanks, GK

Hi and welcome,

As a Cubase LE user, you don’t have a Control Room. So:

  1. Open VST Connections > Outputs. There is the Click column. Make sure the Click is displayed in your output bus (Stereo Out). If not, click to this field, to display the Click.

  2. in the Transport Panel, make sure, the Click is switched ON. use C Key Command to switch it On/Off.

Does it work, now?