LE7 Elicencer issue.


Woke up to a horrible issue with Cubase LE7.
After downloading and installing GrooveAgent 4 trial hoping to give it a nice test the next day I wake up to find that it will not activate and it will not allow me to enter the Trial Code.

Thought nothing of it and Tried to open a session on LE7 to find out it will not start.
A new Empty Elicener opens.

I log into my Steinberg and see that there are 2 elicencers there.
1 with Cubase LE7 and the other completely empty.

I cannot seem to find the original elicencer on my pc and it will not allow me to open cubase.
This is getting really frustrating as i have gone everywhere for a for of solution with no luck.

Any suggestions as to how i might resolve this?
Happen to anyone else ?

Many thanks

Hi and welcome,

I’m confused, to be honest. For Groove Agent Trial, you need the USB-eLicenser (the blue USB dongle). Is this USB-eLicenser connected to your computer? Are your (all) licenses stored on the USB-eLicenser, or are you using Soft-eLicenser for your Cubase LE 7?