Lead sheet template

Hello! Is there a way to create a simple lead sheet without having to rearrange the master page? All I need is a title, composer and notation. I mean, when I open a new project I get Untitled Project, 1. Flow 1. Then I go to the master page and delete Flow 1 frame, rearrange notation frames. I know, it is not a big deal but still. Is there a better way or what am I doing wrong? Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

After you’ve arranged the new file as you like, save it and use a copy as a template for future projects.

Better: open Layout Options—Page Setup—Flows, and turn off flow headers. Then save that as default.

Go to Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows.
Set “Show Flow Headings” to “Never”.
Click Apply (bottom right corner).

Optional: click “Save as Default” (bottom left). If you do this you’ll never need to go through this process again, unless you want to take advantage of Flow Headings; in that instance you return to this dialogue and turn them back on.

Great, thanks! Long live Dorico and Leo! :smiley:

Dan got there first with the “better” answer :wink:

Okay, sorry! Long live Dorico and Dan! Thank you, guys! :smiley: