Lean Cubase install and update

Here’s a tutorial on how to install Cubase with the bare minimum of components, fortunately SB have made their application quite modular in the sense of installable components which do not have explicit dependencies when installing.

First, download your cubase version, e.g. V9 .zip file and unpack it (I am using a program called Uniextract):

Next find the .msi installer and place it on your desktop:

Then install as per .msi installer:

Once installed, you can then update to the latest version, again download the .exe file and unpack it:

Again, place the .msp file on the desktop:

Select apply from the context menu to complete the update of your Cubase installation:

Once you have a fully updated program, go to the steinberg Elicenser website:

http://elcc.eu (ignore the https security warnings) and download the latest ELc and install it.

There you have a lean program, right “out of the box”. There are also many things you can do with Cubase to reduce load times significantly, for which I have made another post.

Happy Cubasing!