Learn CC problem

Hi, I try to connect my Akai MPK261 faders to controls in Retrologue. I right click the first control in Retrologue and select “Learn CC”. Then I move the fader on the MPK261, and I can see that it works. But when I do the same for the next control both faders running both controls. In MIDI Monitor I can see that both faders send CC7 but on different channels, but “Learn CC” seams to ignore the channel information and only listen to CC-information. Is this a bug or is it supposed to be like this?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

To me it sounds, it has never been implemented. Therefore I would recommend to add the feature-request tag.

AFAIK Retrologue is not MIDI channel sensitive. The plugin just ignores channel information. Therefore everything sending CC7 will be treated equally.
If your Akai has user preset slots you could change the output of the faders in your Akai (different CC’s) and save that as a new preset in the device. That would be the quickest workaround.


The Learn CC feature is also part of HALion Sonic SE. I don’t think it behaves different in HALion Sonic SE.

I took the liberty to highlight the crucial word.


HALion Sonic SE is MIDI CHANNEL sensitive (we call this the instrument is/is not multitimbral). Therefore I expect the feature behaves the same while using in HALion Sonic SE.

If it behaves the same then the feature has not been implement at all (in any instrument) and the topic is the feature-request.

If it works in HALion Sonic SE, then the reason, why it doesn’t work in Retrologue is, the Retrologue is not multitimbral (as you pointed out).

But wouldn’t it be much faster and easier for magnus to set up his Akai to send different CCs?
Feature requests can take anything from a few months up to infinity.


Yes, of course. That’s the current solution for the user.

Thanks for all your input. It’s highly appreciated. I ended up solving it as suggested by Johnny.