Learn midi cc in Blue Cat Audio for device gain?

Is it possible to map a specific vst’s parameter to a hardware controller and not use quick controls?

Yes, on right-click, if the VST supports it

And if it does not support it?

It doesn’t?

It does but it can’t learn. I’m trying to map the gain dial of Blue Cat Audio’s GAIN plugin to a slider

I don’t have that VST so I can’t test. I edited your title for precision and visibility

It’s a free plugin. From their GAIN suite. Is it possible to limit the mixer sliders to go only to a max of 0dB?
What I’m trying to achieve is have a slider on my controller manage the MAIN output of my mix bus but not accidentally blow my headphones going over 0dB

Blue Cat Audio is quite responsive on their forum at KVRaudio:

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I would just use something else. There are so many, you could do this is Cubase Pro without plugins in the Control Room for starters, but there are many other ways to achieve this without workarounds, external tools or added layers of complexity.

Could you please enlighten me?