I love my old console but what can we do… learn the new one hehehe… It does Have many Pros
Also some confusions but these videos by Cubase Jedi Master GURU Greg Ondo will help you find the cool new FEATURES…

I really love my old Mixer Specially the 6.5 and the Nuendo 5 :frowning: wish it would take the whole screen like the new one… but way too much for the GPU I guess. The old mixer looks more professional… The new one looks like a Star Trek board. Cool in its own way…

Also noticed that the new Mix Console is design to match the NUAGE system… So this might have been a Yamaha decision…

More videos to come…
Custom Console 2 - CUBASE 7.jpg

I have to ask,
How did you get the custom notepad font and color?

Those are custom ones I did and load them thru the user picture icons… I will have these available soon … Trying to cover as many track labeling as possible…
You can also take photos of a mic rig, amp mic-ing, lead vocalist, etc… and label the track with it.

I see, those are track pictures not the notepad font. Thanks.

yep :wink:

bump topic…

People take the time to see these videos before you post any complaints… :smiley:
click on the link above… 7 videos in depth look to the mix console…

You mixer picture is looking very nice. Indeed motivation for some work with C7 :slight_smile:
And the track pictures you’ve made are just great!


I’ll post them soon for all to use…

Excellent videos! Its really amazing how much you can do with the new C7 mixer just using the keyboard :slight_smile:

This new mixer has more functionality that people imagine … It can integrate to special systems for blind people…
WILL ALSO match the new Yamaha NUAGE system layout…

I just plunged into a 42" monitor… YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Those videos are also linked to your cubase 7 via “Steinberg Hub” when you launch Cubase…
More to come soon… Greg Ondo is the Jedi Master.

How do you color multiple selected channels in mixer ?

I’m excited about the new mixer. Lots of new “Eye Candy”, as Greg Ondo would call it. Thanks Steinberg/Yamaha for continuing your legacy of support. This update is worth the $149.99. Only one insult, I wish they would say $150.00 instead of using .99. LOL!!!

Been wishing that for years… I’m Gonna nag even more for that one now… :bulb:
We should be able to do it with the Quick Link right? :sunglasses: That was my first move with the Quick Link hahahahaha
select all drums - Q-link - all RED :’(

I thought I missed something,can’t believe that they left this feature out …I hope that they will fix it soon.

You can color multiple selected channels via the color palette icon. This can even be done in Cubase 6.

Now, if you mean coloring the entire channel strip, then I agree we could benefit from that. Although, I honestly don’t find it to be essential for my needs given the fact that Steinberg has now added track icons. One could make icons with different colors to achieve a similar effect. GIRO, you did a good job with your custom icons. I like what you did there. If you simply color them differently based on the type of track (i.e. drums = red font, vocals = green font, etc), I’m sure you would be able to navigate through the mixer without issues. Just an idea :wink:

Nice mixer arrangement! :slight_smile:

Greg Ondo is the man!!!

JOSE… wasup… I meant from the mixer… we can’t do it… Was hoping to get that with the quick link…
Nah coloring the entire channel is a PT thing, uuuhghg… :unamused: hate it lolol

The picture name tags can pick the color from the track.(picture attached)… When I’m done with them I will post them for all to use… I’m making as many as I can… send me some track names you would like to see…
Customazing the thumb pictures.jpg

OK, gotcha! Being able to color multiple mixer channels from withing the mixer would be cool. As far as track icons go, I want to create my own based on custom pictures (though I may put names on them too, not sure yet). Wanna have my own look, which I may share once I’m done. We’ll see how they turn out. I used to use track icons in Sonar, so this is a cool feature to be able to use again.

Take care!

well cool. but cant color at ones mixer channels whose not appear in project window.
for example groove agent one with multi outputs.

anyway its a good idea to color tracks with Q link from MixConsole so you dont have to jump to project window and use the color palate.

I really learnt a lot from these videos, thank you!

I already watched them a few weeks ago I think, but couldn’t find your topic again. So this is more a thank you and a way to find it again :wink:


If you have a VST instruments and you want it to pop open from the MIXER, hold the E for 2 sec and pop goes the guy. We don’t have the VSTi icon in the mixer anymore so that’s the trick now…

Select instrument track - Hold E - say hello to my little friend…