Hi I want to learn about Pro Audio, I know how to record into Cubase wave and midi I also know a great deal about all of Cubase functions but I want to know is about things like if I record base sound on midi channel piano, strings, drums, etc. then I render them one by one in to wave channels then how do I work out which sound I need to render in mono channel which to render into stereo and which compressor and equaliser is applied on which sound?
Basically I want to learn how to do great mixing and mastering professionally?
I have made a little song please listen to it and tell me what I need to improve in it kindly!
When I used to do the final mix down left side would sound louder/heavier than the right why is this? It’s really annoying
I have tried many things to balance the left right panning in the end I had to remove the mono compressor and apply the stereo compressor which improved the mixdown slightly but still in the final mix the left right are still not equal as they should to be.

That’s a lot of ground to cover and beyond the scope of what can be effectively answered here.

I’m a big fan of the video training from Groove 3 http://www.groove3.com/str/ . They have a lot of stuff, add more weekly, and their All Access Pass lets you watch as much as you like at a reasonable price. They cover both general topics like compression & product specific stuff like Cubase or Kontakt. In fact I’d recommend starting with videos for earlier versions of Cubase and working up to the newer versions. While the details won’t always match up (though mostly they will) the concepts will still apply. The newer videos often assume you know stuff from the older videos, or are updates on “what’s new in version X.”

There are also a bunch of free videos on YouTube. Make sure to check out the ones from Steinberg which you can find via the hub. However these tend to be feature specific and don’t cover the big picture. There are lots of other folks posting useful videos, but if you are starting from scratch it can be confusing separating what is important to know at the start from what will be good to know later on (not to mention some of the info might be wrong). That’s one reason I recommend Groove 3 since their material is put together in a useful sequence.

Finally just play around and try out different things - a lot. Experimenting and listening to the results is crucial to understanding what works or doesn’t. This is a vast topic & getting even half-way good takes years. And there is always more to learn. So don’t get discouraged if it is a slower slog than you’d like. Good luck to you.

Hi, Thanks for your very use full replay but please check my other question:
I have 3 keyboards MOXF, FA06, PA3X and my DAW is Cubase 9pro they are all connected with their separate USB into my desktop.
They all also have separate audio cables which go into my RME sound card. Kindly please tell me about the following for Midi recording only not for audio recording.
When I change my project tempo in Cubase then how can I get the keyboards to follow the same Cubase tempo? What internal settings do I need for Cubase and the 3 keyboards individually?
Please keep in mind that my main controller is PA3x!

When I record Moxf ARPEGGIO in Cubase the Moxf does not match the Cubase tempo… What settings to I need to set for this?

You need to set it to follow MIDI clock coming from Cubase

Can you please tell me what Cubase internal settings I need set for each of the 3 Keyboards?
Also kindly look at the screen shot I have attached please tell me what settings I need for “Project synchronization setup” especially the Midi time code destinations and midi clock destinations.
I want to have all correct settings for Cubase and then I will ask on the other forums for the keyboard internal settings.