learning CC automation Graphite 49

I’m at my wits end! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

My Graphite 49 has real problems with learning CC automation with Cubase third party VSTs.
The Cubase preset is rubbish so I have to program a Generic Remote Control but frankly that is rubbish as well as one slider works as all sliders - the same with the knobs etc.

Even trying to program the learn CC automation with one slider then going to another moves the first learnt thing as well!!

Any got this wretched thing to work with Cubase???


Are you sure, the sliders are sending unique MIDI data (MIDI CCs)?

The instructions say that each sliders can be programmed and used independently but it is exactly this that seems to be the question!


Then it’s on the Graphite 49 side, to program it to send unique MIDI Controllers.

Add a MIDI track, and Insert MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert Effect. Move different sliders on your HW, and check, if different MIDI CCs are sent/received.

Thats it!!!

Months of googling showed many people haviung the same issue but you solved it straightaway!!!

many thanks