Learning Cubase 5

Hello folks, someone trade with me his cubase for something else and I got no idea
how to use it, just learning, My main thing is to convert wav to midi files, the closes
possible to the real song.

I experimenting and after extracting to midi, why I can hear nothing from the midi file?
I guessing have to do with drivers setup, toke me a while to set up the audio, I can hear
my wave file perfect, but nothing from the midi track.

Also when I export the midi file, the midi file is always VERY SLOW, compare to the original wav file.
Keep in mind I am learning Cubase 5, hope you folks can help me on this.

Thanks !!! :smiley:

Sorry I’m french and I don’t use to speak english.
You can NOT convert wav to midifile, because wav is an audio file (only audio) and midifile is a sequence, with no audio.
they have nothing in common.
a midi file says : what note is played, the strength of this note, and the velocity (and some other things)
To hear a midi file, there must be a synthetiser (with sounds) playing it.

Try to learn on internet how to use a midifile, and then how to use a sequencer like Cubase.
I can’t explain more, because it needs a whole book. (it shoud be too long)


There are utilities to do what you saying is impossible, also you can do it
right on Cubase, by clicking “Extract Midi”, however, most results from
any program as really disastrous, I have tried Melodyne and is far from good.
( But not that bad )

However the question was because when I import any midi of FL Studio I can select track
or assign instruments to tracks of the midi, but anytime a create a midi with Cubebase
is like everything is mix-up on a single track… Thanks

Any tips will be welcome, on this subject… ( About the Tracks & Cubase )