Learning Cubase fast (an idea)

So, MMORPGs do that, and I think I read somewhere that Microsoft will integrate something similar into their Visual Studio…


Simple things like: “Congratulations, you just recorded your first audio track”.

Reasoning is here that sometimes users need some guidance around what the program can do - and it’s a fun way to explore the application.




I am sorry but Cubase is not an MMORPG.
I do not think that we are going to implement archivements in our Software.

If you want to get used to the program and its features, please have a look at our Youtube channel.
Here you will find a lot of tutorial videos which will help you to get used to the software.




There are a couple of problems with this idea, but the biggest one is that to me it looks incredibly childish and not at all suited for a professional piece of software. (I’m a gamer and I like achievements, as long as they don’t make people do useless stuff in a multiplayer setting.).
That and the fact that Cubase is so big and allows for so many workflows, that you can only really do this with the most basic functions which is simply a waste of time and probably annoying to most users more than helpful. I don’t want Cubase to nag me into making my first audio track when I want to use the software for sequencing my hardware synths.

Sorry… please no! Cubase is not an Xbox game, it’s a complex tool used by professionals…not a good idea at all! I can’t even understand how this would speed up the learning curve!! There are plenty of books and the application points to the Steinberg YouTube channel for visual assistance on many basic and complex operations. You need to take matters into your own hands and learn anything you invest in. Try Reaper it’s free to try without crippling nags and cheap if you purchase to dabble in the basics of DAW software.

:smiley: usually u have good ideas for cubase… this one i’m afraid is not :sunglasses:

The reasoning here was as follows:

  • It took a moderator here (Chris Dobbs, thank you again!) to tell me how to export my project for mixdown to another project, which should not be necessary… http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=48826

  • Microsoft puts it into Visual Studio as well (and this certainly is a very professional software, I think Steinberg uses it as well?)

Of course, take it with a grain of salt. Question remains: what can Cubase do which I don’t even know about, because I didn’t even know what to look for?

The video tutorials ARE good, but they don’t cover such things like the question I asked.

I remember when I started software development as a kid, there were books from “Data Becker”, called “Kompendiums”… fat, super comprehensive, very much into detail.

If somebody knows a REALLY good book about Cubase 7, I would be more than pleased to buy it. But not beginners stuff which tells you for 150 pages first how to connect the audio interface or copy parts.

I want a juicy book, something which makes me sweat and scratch my head and makes me go “oooooh wooooow!!”, not “omg I KNOW how to insert a USB plug”.

i think the manual is the “best into detailed” book ! (maybe there are others i’m not familiar with though)

No, it just describes, but does neither challenge nor inspire. It’s a technical explanation.

Chris Dobbs’ helpful posting, on the other hand, DID inspire me.

I’ve used software before which has demos or wizards included to give you a guided tour. I think they can be very useful for getting you used to things when you’re a complete newbie. I also watch utube vids quite often to find out how to do things. I find the Cb manual is generally OK when you need clarification of precise things, but it’s not good for answering FAQs, where vids, blogs and forums come into their own. Also I use trial and error on temp projects to test how to do stuff before I use them in anger - possibly the best method of learning/practicing new Cubase techniques!


I think med school should use the same motivators…