Learning Cubase tutorials?

Now that I have Cubase 10, what are good tutorials to learn this version or actually Cubase in general? I come from Logic, no Cubase experience. All I can find are things like What’s new in Cubase 10, but no beginner tutorials for Cubase 10.


If you already know Logic, I would suggest just diving in. As soon as you see something you don’t understand first check the operation manual, which is excellent then google, there are so many tutorials out there, including steinberg’s utube site

Hi Andre :slight_smile:
Steinberg’s own Youtube page is great for all things Cubase (there is Club Cubase ,a live show by Greg Ondo,once a month that is streamed live,so you can ask questions and interact with Greg and the other viewers

Also checkout Chris Selim ,on Youtube ,I have subscribed to his page.He is also an excellent teacher, with a wealth of knowledge.And has great tutorials on Cubase .

Have a look also, at Mac Pro videos and Groove 3 videos,these are paid for and subscribed courses. But have excellent tutorials from the beginner to the more advanced.
And of course, Cubase online manual,as you can type in certain key words,to quickly find what your looking for :slight_smile:

Thanks! Because of my experience with Logic, it’s maybe need the best to simply dive in and when having questions, look for answers. I bought the Music for the Media course by ThingSpace in the past (a film scoring course), and the presenter in this video (Guy) is using Cubase in his tutorials, so that’s a great help.

I moved from Logic also and this video is the one that helped me the most, particuarly in regards to adjusting some preferences to suit me:-

Part 2 here:-

They’re brilliant AND up to date.

In addition to Steinberg’s YouTube channel: I started with the videos at Groove3.com. I had a subscription at the time I switched, and went through everything they had. That was very helpful.

I watched them today and some more, they are indeed brilliant to learn cubase. He has a lot of videos, so I’m covered for while.

Just made the switch, so to speak, to Cubase from Ableton Live a few days ago. I began trying to achieve things the same way I would in Live and Reaper, watched a few videos and read some articles, then after a couple of days I’m ready to rock n roll. I’m not ditching Live but using it via ReWire into Cubase is a dope workflow.

As others have said check out Greg Ondo and Chris Selim on YouTube, a lot of stuff explained very well and without dragging on.

Welcome to Cubase kidwithspoon :slight_smile:

I would recommend Chris Selim Cubase course.
Its very very good,loads of well explained content. One off fee,and you can use the course as a reference guide
I have been trying to get to grips with Cubase ( as a hobbyist) since last year.Now I feel more confident about using Cubase,with Chris’s course :smiley:

Chris had a sale on,sadly that finished on the 17th May, but still worth every penny


If you know Logic, my advice is to just start an “empty” project. Record some audio and midi, do an audio mixdown, EQ, put in some effects, etc.

Stay away from the VSTs until you have all of that down solid.

It’s working for me. I’m new to Cubase, but I have been using Ableton for 4 years now. They are quite different. Ableton handles recording of MIDI over USB very well; Cubase, not so much.

But Cubase handling of latency and MIDI file manipulation is MUCH BETTER than Ableton.

My initial mistakes were:

  • Trying to record MIDI on VSTs over USB without knowing what was happening along the interface, and
  • Trying to record MIDI from the Yamaha MOXF across USB–I couldn’t figure out why the arps were jacked up

I’m also in the process of learning Cubase Elements and Pro 10.

Lynda dot com has two old courses on Cubase 7 and 8. I completed the one on 7 and am halfway done with the one on 8. Most of what was taught in those courses was still relevant to Cubase 10. Also picked up the Cubase 10, Retrologue and Groove Agent courses for a good price from Born to Produce and will jump into those next. Born to Produce also has a 6 part freebie on YouTube that introduces you to Cubase Elements 10.

Thanks for the warm welcome :sunglasses: I’ve been considering his course, got it on the list.

Jag kan rekommendera dessa https://streamworksaudio.com/. Jag har köpt Cubase Complete, och de har intressanta uppgraderings priser när en ny version av Cubase blir tillgänglig. De har och en serie som heter Cubase Masterclass. Lycka till.

That looks like a good course as well, thanks. So much choice. :grin:

:laughing: Hmmm, ik keek naar je locatie en niet naar jeg signatuur.

Ach, kan allemaal nogal verwarrend zijn. Zweeds is geen probleem, maar het schrijven gaat me nog steeds beter af in Engels.

Your very welcome! :smiley:

The “Born to Produce” guys have the right teaching idea, showing how to create a song. I much prefer this approach instead of someone droning on and on, “Now this icon will do this, and that icon will do that, and if you hold down this key you can change the color…” I keep nodding off as if I was still in school and the teacher was discussing the economy of the Phoenician empire.

The first 3-1/2 videos are free, but you gotta pay to see the rest.

https://streamworksaudio.com/ - for me it was the best cource i ever seen for Cubase