Learning cubase

I just bought cubase 9.5 and i want to learn it fazter. I come from sbleton. Just i need to learn basics and shortcuts. Mostly edm type of music. Any suggestions on video tuts on cubase. Ableton and other daws have lkts… anyone . I use forum also for asking info.

I’ve just switched to Cubase and learning it as you. What i have found to be the quickest way to learn is jump in and try. Try to make the things happen that you want to happen. If you can’t get something to work, explore a little and then google for an answer. like this:

“Cubase tempo change”
“Cubase Can I see the whole track and not just a clip in the Key editor”

you can find answers from many sources this way
I then write the answer in a little notebook. I rarely have to go back and read the notebook 'cause once I have written it down it usually sticks, otherwise I’ll forget a couple of days later and end up googling and searching again.

Good Luck

If you really want to learn a powerful beast like Cubase, I recommend biting the bullet and reading the sections of the manual that you will likely want to put to use. It will take time but will save you a lot of time in the end, since you’ll know the best way of doing stuff and the various options to get there. It will save a lot of thrashing about.

Good suggestions. As far as Youtube, I would just search with the terms you asked about- EDM, Cubase, Tutorial.

I hate reading manuals, but what I did when I wanted to get to a new level in Cubase was to look through the Key Commands window. When I found something that intrigued me, I would try it out, Then, if I didn’t get it, I’d look it up in the manual, and then I’d end up reading a couple different sections.

Another thing I would do is browse through topics on the forum doing the same thing.

There are 8 free Quick Start videos in the Steinberg Hub which appears when you launch Cubase. The videos provide the new user with a broad and easy to digest functional introduction to Cubase.
Those same videos are also available here…

…within the Steinberg youtube channel,