Learning LE 3.5, Piano roll only partly visible

Hello. I’ve been working through Anthony Hughes’ excellent Starting Your First Project | Getting Started with Dorico SE. When I pressed “Play”, the piano roll editor filled Anthony’s screen so you could see several octaves. My piano roll showed about 20 notes and a large black area below it.

Any ideas? Thanks

London, UK

Hi Gowan, welcome to the forum! You can change the height of any track you like in Play mode, so if it’s not as tall as you’d like, hover your mouse in the bottom-left corner of the track header (on the left) and you should see a split arrow - click and drag when you do, either up or down. In the linked help page, there are also key commands for increasing/decreasing track heights too.

Welcome to the forum, Gowan. You can resize the piano roll in Play mode. The easiest way is using the keyboard shortcut, Shift+H (with Shift+J to reduce its size again). It can also be done with the mouse, but it’s tricky as there’s only one precise spot horizontally where you will see the mouse pointer turn into the little up-and-down arrows that indicate you’re in the right spot to do it. Put your mouse pointer in the very narrow column at the very left-hand side of the piano roll display, between the toolbox on the left-hand edge of the window and the track header, and then you’ll be able to resize the track and thus the piano roll.

Wow that was quick thanks. Have upgraded to Elements