Learning UR22

Please pardon me, but I’m new to this. For the longest time, I have used a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter to my line in on my iMac from my guitar with Garageband, output to headphones that I have connected to Sony Receiver, then I playback through headphones attached to the Sony or to some book shelf speakers.
I bought the UR22 hoping for a cleaner signal and the possibility of using the a Microphone with it.
My first question: Can I monitor the UR22 from my headphone port or do I have to use the Line Outputs on the back?
Second: What should I hear from the headphone port on the UR22, I don’t hear any effects when I use it, I just hear the raw signal from the guitar and I have tried messing with the DAW mix, if I turn DAW all the way, I hear nothing on the headphone port on the UR22. I know, I know, I’m probably doing something dumb, but I’ve tried everything to figure this out. Is there a good tutorial you can recommend? Thanks people.

I have a UR 22 also and love it. Ensure your UR 22 driver is up too date, download the tastes version via stein berg. With rage band off connect UR 22. Open garage band, it should automatically register. Go to Preferences in the top left garage band menu, go to audio/midi 2nd icon, it should already have UR 22 as the input and output device. Try that first. then get back if it doesn’t work. Good luck with it.