Leave off-line plugin window open AND continue DAW control

Leave off-line plugin window open (do NOT auto-close after processing)
continue to have control over timeline/selection

I like to denoise offline in many situations simply because my source clips are too numerous to simply setup one denoiser per track. And i’d rather not automate it. Here’s what I currently have to do in Nuendo:

1. I select a region to capture noise.
2. I open up iZotope RX, select “learn”, hit play.
3. Save as preset.
4. Close plugin
5. Select the region to be denoised.
6. Open iZotope RX again
7. Load the preset.
8. Apply the process and window closes.

If I now want to do it again to a new region with a different noise profile I have to repeat ALL 8 steps!!!

In Pro Tools here’s what would happen:

1. Open iZotope RX (audiosuite).
2. Select area that has noise profile.
3. Select “learn”, hit play.
4. Select the region to be denoised and hit denoise.

Done. And since the window remains open I can move on to the next region without going back to step one. So instead of 8 steps I’m down to 3. I don’t see how this can be a difficult change to make in the software. For me the difference is HUGE.


In PT I have several (offline-)plugins opened all the time during editing. Cleaning up location sound with multiple effects is very fast that way.

I agree that I would prefer it to work like in PT to.
But you are making it more painful than it has to be.
Just skip the preset part completely.
All plugins remember the previous setting including RX and the “learned” noise profile.

But yes it would be smarter and faster to be able to just keep it open.


  1. I select a region to capture noise.
  2. I open up iZotope RX, select “learn”, hit play.
  3. Close plugin
  4. Select the region to be denoised.
  5. Open iZotope RX again
  6. Apply the process and window closes.

This has been a feature request since N4, sure would be nice!

I hope you have a keycommand assigned to Izotope RX :wink:

Yes it would

+1 This would make my life soooo much easier.



+1, but retain functionality to process multiple clips simultaneously obvs.

Haven’t been able to completely test its functionality in RX4 Advanced, but does RX Connect solve this issue, for offline RX processing at least?

No. In fact, the way Nuendo does this makes it even less convenient compared to Pro Tools (are you listening yet Steinberg?).

Using RX Connect you can select more than one event, but only one will be sent to RX. So you select your event, open up connect, choose ref/rep, then hit “process” - at which point the window closes!!! You do your processing in RX and then when you click “send back” it tells you to go back to the host (Nuendo) and open RX Connect again!..

Famine, war and single malt with ice cubes are all worse than this, but it still seems like such a very simple thing to fix, yet here we are, and not a single word from Steinberg (as usual). It’d be a huge improvement in workflow for several people.

+1 This would also be good for being able to adjust listen or monitoring levels of the offline clip. because often I may have clip gain or a plugin introducing gain into the chain but when it’s monitored through the offline process I don’t have the ability to adjust at least the listen level. That would be ideal. I like the idea that pro tools keeps them open. It does make sense since as far as I know you can’t add hot-keys to them in Pro tools like you can in Nuendo which is more of a time saver for multiple handling of offline FX’s.


Steinberg are u out there, is there an answer for this yet??

Ones a plug-in window is open it would be great to be able to have a pull down menu for other plug-ins.

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