So i just got the CMC series & i love it. I looked for a way to make the LED lights stay on & found it BUT…When i select the option in cubase it only turns on one of them not all 3.

I use Cubase 7.5

I Have CMC Series CH - AI & TP

The LED Dimming option only turns on all the buttons on AI but NONE on either of the other 2. What is this from? Any advice here?

You need to update the firmware in the others units - each separately.

How would i update them separately? I just used the firmware updater & it did them all i believe no? Is there a way to change which one it is updating when you start up the updater?

You can’t do them all at once. You have to disconnect them all then connect each one individually to be updated using a direct connection to a port (i.e. no hub).

Wow that worked. Thanks so much for that help. Maybe you could help with these other issues?

  1. When cubase is opened since installing these the right side MIDI meter is always ticking up & down. You know on the main transport hub thing F2 where it shows the MIDI meter in? The right one only is ALWAYS ticking now.

  2. Has your computer slowed down at all since using these? I have a VERY FAST & custom PC with 24GB RAM that is crazy fast but since installing the drivers for these it’s been kind of slow & messing up. I’v checked for viruses & all.

  1. This behaviour, though irksome for many, is by design, and should be considered normal. It is in effect like a midi activity light. If it bothers you (as it seems to some) simply disable it in the transport window.
  2. I haven’t noticed any system slowdown using 11 CMC units plus a BCF2000. Just make sure you’re using a USB 2 port and powered hubs (they should work on a USB3 port, but what’s the point?).

Thanks a lot for all the help i really didn’t think i would get any help on here.