Led Zeppelin VS Spirit. Plagiarism?

What do you think?

Spirit. Taurus song released in 1968:


Led Zeppelin Stairway to heaven 1971:


This is not the first time they’ve been sued before by some folk blues artists. :unamused:

The first question on my mind is how come it took them 48 years to notice?

They just came back from the grave (zombies)

beer fund went dry?

Or is it about relatives eyeing up the estate?

I think the property rights switched hands recently.

Led Zep stole a ton of stuff. Not sure this one entirely qualifies. But they should pay those from whom they stole.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=VTnuGkZgaMc ?


A few here that are meh, but some are definitely in HFC territory!

My ipad doesnt like ur link, alexis…


I think the lawsuit will fail btw. Or they’ll settle outside of court.

r i d i c u l o u s

it’s just a minor chord with a descending base note played on a guitar.
There’s gotta have been thousands of such songs.

And Spirit never heard of the Beatles “Michelle” of course. Or did they …
It’s a small part of that song but it’s there and it’s possible they STOLE IT!!!

And jazz standard “My Funny Valentine”, same same but different.

The list goes on as they say.


hahaha! wtf???
Didn’t Randy California die at least 10 years ago? His family is running out of cash?
Pure ugliness in the making …

Ulf nailed it. It’s about money not artistic integrity.

Led Z fans will definitely recognize this one:

I wish to add that although the ‘Stairway to heaven’ case is maybe a special case since it’s such a common harmonic sequence nobody can take credit for I’m fully aware of the malpractice of mr Page when it comes to “song writing”. There’s more to the art than just taking an angle grinder, remove the old name and write Page there instead, especially when the music isn’t written by “anonymous” but by someone still alive and kicking …

Or as my friend says: Led Zeppelin; greatest cover band ever!

Hey try to make a unique composition these days, I dare you :wink:

That’s a red herring. Page is ripping people off which is far worse.

Yeah a little off topic :wink:

Certainly a bit of an eye opener for Led Zeppelin fans!

After a weeklong trial, the jury ultimately sided with Led Zeppelin in the case, which dated back to a 2014 filing.

Here’s what Ozzy Osbourne had to say about it:


Where would Ozzie be without the f-bomb! :laughing: