Ledger lines do not align while moving note heads

When I move the dotted half notes to the left, so they align with the whole notes in the left hand, the ledger line doesn’t move along.
Ledger line.png

What happens if you set that chord’s Voice Column Index to 0, rather than using Note Spacing mode?

Looks like Dorico considered the old position beeing Voice column 0 (the whole note and the tied half notes in the left hand were also moved). When I change the voice column offset, the ledger line still doesn’t move along.
Ledger line.gif

That doesn’t make much sense to me, unless the semibreve/whole note chord on the bottom stave has been manually achieved?

Yes, the whole notes a the tied half notes in the left hand have also been manually achieved. Dorico sets it the other way round: first the half notes, then the whole notes, and apparently there’s no option in the Notation Options to alter this. Maybe this is more “correct”, but in the original score the bar starts with the semibreve.

Try resetting the Note Spacing on the bottom stave, then (in regular Engrave mode) select those two chords and right-click > Voices > Swap Voice order.

Oh, that easy? Thank you, pianoleo!