Left and Right Headphone Inbalance

Recently upgraded from CB 7 Elements to CB 12 Elements. I use a Yamaha Audiogram 6 interface, and its worked fine upgrading through 5, 7 and otherwise fine now using 12. Opening up projects in 12, I’ve got an issue where the left and right audio is not equal, and this is the same for new 12 projects. I thought it was my ears at first, swapped them around and nope its definatley something else. The headphones are fairly new, and I tested them by just plugging into the normal AUX headphone jack on the computer and playing some youtube and they’re fine, but playing through the interface there is noticable problems on the “test” videos available on there where it pans left to right to centre. I thought I might have something set up in projects to inbalance, but checked most of my tracks aren’t panned, and the Stereo output is dead centre. Given its happening outside of cubase, i think its probably an interface problem but Struggling to know how to fix it up ey and where the problem lies - this interface just plugs in via usb and has always just worked, no installing seperate software or anything. From memory it was fine in my Elements 7.

Any other troubleshooting you could recomend would be great, cheers :slight_smile:


Is there any Audiogram 6 Control Panel/Mixer, where you can set up the Volume or the Pan too?

Thanks for ur reply. The physical box that sits on my desk doesnt have pan knobs , no, its got daw volume and master volume, but nothing in the way of pan left or right.

I should add too that there is some output coming through the right headphone, just not as much as the left. And its evenly balanced when i disconnect from the interface and connect to the pc jack and use that as the windows device for audio output rather than the usb codec interface .

Makes you think tge interface is stuffed but sure i didnt have this problem before upgrading to 12.

Did you check your audio connection settings?
It could be a double routing with the enabled Control Room.


My expectation is the PC is using 3.5 jack but your audio interface is using 6.3 jack. Isn’t the adapter connected to mono?

So yea, my audigram 6 phones jack is that, like a guitar plug lead, its got a screw on/off adapter.

I was just saying i dont think the issue is the headphones themselves, as they work fine when i close cubase entirely, switch the windows audio device to the standard headphone jack (removing 6.5 adapter) in the back of the computer and listen for balance.

When u say adapter connected to mono im not sure what ur getting at but wud be keen to know - the audiogram phones port is a single port, but its stereo output.

Should also note in audio connections in cubase ive made sure its set to output left and right, and like i said there is some noise coming through both sides, just not equality. I dont have any other monitors connected but when i export mixdowns things are as they shud be… but obviously need to be able to listen properly while mixing lol.


What happens if you use the audio device to listen YouTube?

Just to know if the issue is in Cubase, or the hardware.

Good point, I just went and listened to a speaker test video, using the interface as the windows set audio device, and there is still inbalance. Much more pronounced in cubase, but theres something happening from the send to the audio gram either way. Im sure it wasn’t a poblem before upgrading to 12, hard to know 100% now though.

I’m only on peasantly Elements, i think control room is a Pro option.


Then I would start to search for the solution out of Cubase.

thanks heaps for your input, may be a lot of people on the forum with audiograms and had issues, a lot of them were bundled with cubase years ago,

annoying and takes the shine away from the upgrading to 12 software

Okay, so i might need a new interface. Its at least 10 years old, will be sad to see it go. I adjusted my favourite volumes a little, and magic. it was just a sitting setting the DAW volume was on.


Sorry, but as you can reproduce it without Cubase, it seems to by out of Cubase. No reason to put the Cubase shine away.

yea haha i feel dumb.