Left button stops working...

I upgraded from IC free to IC pro a few days ago specifically for the Left button, to take the play cursor back to the Left marker. However, on my iPhone 4S this button stops working periodically, i.e. when I touch the button it doesn’t flash (depress) and the play cursor doesn’t relocate. The right button still works OK when this happens.

I think this mostly happens after swapping apps and then bringing the Cb IC Pro app back to the foreground.

Also this morning Right button stopped working as well, but this has happened only once so far. Other buttons on the Project View still work.

Any thoughts on this? It’s usually solved by killing the app and restarting, but not every time, certainly a nuisance.


iPhone 4S - Latest app download
Win7-64x, Cb7.5, latest Bonjour, latest Ski (